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Storytelling & Narrative Methodology

Prevention Speaks
Prevention Speaks is a project that is part of the Prevention Services division of University Health Services at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Our goal was, and is, to support and teach communities storytelling - particularly through the use of video stories - to achieve environmental change at the local level to prevent chronic disease such as stroke, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart disease

Mapping Our Voices for Equity
MOVE is a grassroots program that provides over one hundred stories in multiple languages surrounding health equity. MOVE is involved with residents in King County, Washington who disproportionately experience chronic disease to become engaged with the community and change policies.

Silence Speaks
Silence Speaks promotes the use of digital storytelling to support healing and violence prevention. This organization supports people to share their narratives, photographs, radio pieces, and more. Silence Speaks then partners with organizations to develop and carry out thoughtful and impactful approaches to story distribution which bring attention to systemic causes of chronic poverty, ill health, violence.

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