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NAME UMMS/UMB Title CHEIR Role PHONE Email address:
Allison, Jeroan Professor and Vice Chair of QHS CHEIR Principal Investigator 508-856-8999 [email protected]
Bacigalupe, Gonzalo Professor Education Core   [email protected]
Bonollo, Debra Research Project Director Project 3 - Community Health Worker 774-443-7862 [email protected]
Bray, Bonnie Executive Assistant Education Core 508-856-2179 [email protected]
Cashman, Suzanne Associate Professor Community Engagement Core 774-442-2930 [email protected]
Chiriboga, German Research Coordinator II Research Core 508-856-8977 [email protected]
Cruz, Ivette Executive Director, Puerto Rican Cultural Center Inc. Community Partner and External Advisory Board Member 413-214-1483 [email protected]
DeLaRosa, Elizabeth Research Coordinator Education Core 774-442-4116 [email protected]
Estabrook, Barbara Research Program Director Project 1 - Fresh Start and Community Engagement Core 508-856-3570 [email protected]
Ferguson, Warren Professor, Family Medicine and Community Health   774-442-6669 [email protected]
Fontes, Mayara Research Assistant Project 2 - Por ahi Dicen   [email protected]
Gomes-Santos, Yvonne Publicity Assistant Education Core   [email protected]
Granberry, Phillip Research Associate, Gaston Institute for Latino Community Dev. Project 2 - Por ahi Dicen 617-287-6950 [email protected]
Hargraves, Lee Managing Researcher
American Institutes for Research
Principal Investigator for Project 3 781-373-7031 [email protected]
Hayley, Heather-Lyn Assistant Professor Project 1 and Community Engagement Core 774-441-6366 [email protected]
Hayman, Laura Associate Dean for Research Community Engagement Core 617-287-7504 [email protected]
Jenkins, Brenda Executive Director, Mosaic Cultural Complex Community Partner and Community Engagement Core    
Jesdale, William Program Director QHS CHEIR Affiliate 401-480-5728 [email protected]
Kiefe, Catarina Professor and Chair Internal Advisory Board Member 508-856-8999 [email protected]
Lemon, Stephanie Associate Professor Principal Investigator for Community Engagement Core and Co-Principal Investigator for Project 1 508-856-4098 [email protected]
Lewis, Barbara Director, the UMB Trotter Institute Education Core 617.287-5879 [email protected]
Mattocks, Kristin Assistant Professor Education Core 508-856-7821 [email protected]
McManus, Richard Director, QHS Research Planning and Development Administrative Core 508-856-8073 [email protected]
Mullin, Daniel       [email protected]
Nnaji, Chioma Project Director I Administrative Core 508-856-2858 [email protected]
Person, Sharina Associate Professor Principal Investigator for Research Core 508-856-4028 [email protected]
Plummer, Deborah VC, HR, Diversity & Inclusion Education Core 508-856-2179 [email protected]
Powell, Lauren Ph.D Canidate QHS Clinical & Population Health Research program and Community Enagagement Core   [email protected]
Rosal, Milagros Physician CHEIR Co-Principal Investigator, Principal Investigaor for Project 1 508-856-3173 [email protected]
Saver, Barry Associate Professor Research Core 774-443-3458 [email protected]
Torres, Idali Director, UMB Gaston Institute for Latino Community Development Principal Investigator for Project 2 and Education Core 617-287-5790 [email protected]
Trobaugh, John Specialist, Educational III, Educational Affairs Research Core   [email protected]
Upshur, Carol Professor & Associate Dean Principal Investigator for Education Core 774-443-7267 [email protected]
Wang, Monica Post Doc Associate Community Engagement Core 508-856-6542 [email protected]
Woods, Cedric Director, UMB Institute for New England Native American Studies Education Core 617-287-5784 [email protected]
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