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The UMass Center for Health Equity Intervention Research (CHEIR) provides a number of services to facilitate health disparities research. Our Research Core offers consultation on study design of projects targeting vulnerable populations. We have faculty, staff and community partners who are experienced in presenting on health equity research and related topics. We also provided interactive workshops on storytelling intervention development that can be tailor to the needs of the organization. Please consult our Resources page for additional information about health equity and health disparity.

Developing Culturally Responsive Interventions Using Storytelling: a Novel Method for Promoting Health Equity

Using personal narratives as an evidence-based intervention requires weaving together science and theory, while still being true to the art of storytelling. The purpose of this course is to provide participants with a step-by-step process to develop a storytelling intervention. The workshop includes a brief overview of theoretical frameworks and examples of effective uses of storytelling in behavior change interventions. Participants will have hands-on practice in the storytelling development process. This includes developing fundamental skills in identifying storytellers, designing individual interview guides, and producing a video.
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