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Health Equity Researcher Competencies

Project Title: Health Equity Researcher Competencies

Project Description:
CHEIR is developing a competency model for educating the next generation of health equity researchers and informing the current work in health equity research. Through competency modeling methodology, we aim to develop a set of Health Equity Research Competencies that will serve to:
  • Develop a common language of competencies as health equity researchers and practitioners
  • Develop the knowledge, skills and attributes related to culturally responsive research interventions
  • Develop as a learning community with a participative culture dedicated to eliminating health disparities and achieving health equity.
Developing the competencies is an iterative process with researchers, students and community partners that will include survey data, focus groups, card sort exercises and self-assessment tools over the course of the project.

Community Partner(s):

Target Population:

Principal Investigator(s):

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