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What are SEED Talks?
SEED Talks are about…
  • powerful science,
  • inspiring stories of change,
  • and new ways of thinking about old problems.
Modeled after TED Talks, the SEED Talk will be 15 minutes or less and convey a compelling idea or surprising outcome based on what presenters experienced through their research or life's work.
What is SEED-tainment?
SEED-tainment! This is an opportunity to showcase the arts and its deep connection to our work in health equity. Similar to edutainment, SEED-tainment is entertainment designed to educate and engage researchers, students, patients and communities in changing the conditions that impede health. Performances will include dance, music, spoken word and more.
What is a SEED Collection?
SEED Collection displays innovative health equity research projects being conducted at the UMass Center for Health Equity Intervention Research (CHEIR) through photos, interactive booths, posters, videos and social media. The Collection is displayed in a common area where conversation and interaction can easily take place. SEED Collection brings together ideas and people to redefine challenges and inspire new ways of eliminating health disparities.
What are Open Space Meetings?
Open Space Technology has been defined as:
  • a simple, powerful way to catalyze effective working conversations and truly inviting organizations - to thrive in times of swirling change.
  • a methodological tool that enables self-organizing groups of all sizes to deal with hugely complex issues in a very short period of time.
  • a powerful group process that supports positive transformation in organizations, increases productivity, inspires creative solutions, improves communication and enhances collaboration.
  • the most effective process for organizations and communities to identify critical issues, voice to their passions and concerns, learn from each other, and, when appropriate, take collective responsibility for finding solutions.
Using a modified version of Open Space Technology, the goal for the SEED Symposium is to create time and space for people to engage deeply and creatively around issues of concern to them. The agenda is set by people with the power and desire to see it through, and typically, Open Space meetings result in transformative experiences for the individuals and groups involved.
What is a Panel of Possibilities?
The Panel of Possibilities is a way to engage the audience in a visioning process. A vision is a powerful mental image of what we want to create in the future. It reflects what we care about most, represents an expression of what our goals will achieve and is harmonious with our values and sense of purpose. Visions are the results of head and heart working together. They are rooted in reality, but focus on the future.  They enable us to explore possibilities for reducing health disparities.
What is the Graffiti Wall? What is the Gallery Walk?
In the various gathering spaces for the SEED Symposium, large newsprint will line the walls for participants to respond to thought-provoking questions and record their inspirations and insights.
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